August 20, 2014

Happy National Photography Day!  It seems like every day is some kind of zany excuse to celebrate something these days, right?  Recently I have been participating in the Lenovo Insiders program.  IMG_20140819_205720196_HDREssentially we get to try out and tell you about some great tech as soon as it hits the market and help you make a decision on which product might fit your needs.  I was sent a Lenovo Yoga HD Tablet.  For photography – or anything for that matter – the screen is amazing.  The sharp, high resolution makes all your photos POP.

As a photographer, there are certain times where you don’t want to bring all your equipment with you when going to a site.  Maybe you’re just scouting for available light at a certain time, or maybe you’re at brunch and you want to take photos discreetly.  This becomes difficult with a bulky high-powered DSLR.

“But, OMG, people who take photos with their tablets look so awkward and ridiculous,” you might be thinking, “And the photo quality isn’t even that good!”

To that, I challenge you to a game.  I took my high-powered professional Canon 50D DSLR and my Lenovo Yoga HD Tab (at a fraction of the weight) and put them to the test (unedited).  Can you spot which is which? Yoga or DSLR?  Try not to overthink it 😉

Picture 1:



Delish Strawberries

Picture 2:


Wine Bottle

Picture 3:





Picture 4:



Are you ready for the answers?  Scroll down…..

















Picture 1: The top photo was taken with the Lenovo!

Picture 2:  The bottom photo was taken with the Lenovo!

Picture 3:  The bottom photo was taken with the Lenovo!

Picture 4: The top photo was taken with the Lenovo!


Were you surprised?  How many did you get correct?

Cameras on tablets are changing.  Check out the Lenovo HD Tablet for yourself.



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